Why do we have a link with music?

The founder of coffeedante.com has been a Live Sound Engineer for many years working with many household names, and like a lot of people, he loves music almost as much as we love our coffee!

Live music in-particular, is the backbone to the music industry as many revenue streams for musicians dried up since streaming became more and more prevalent. During the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, we saw the Live Music Industry devastated with gigs simply being cancelled indefinitely (not postponed). Lots of grassroots musicians AND crew then found themselves without ANY income at all – as many fell between the cracks of any government support in the UK.

This can be, and was, very stressful for everyone involved.
Not being able to financially support everyone (obviously) – we decided to help the people that help others – at the time donating a proportion of our income to musicsupport.org. A registered charity founded in April 2016, providing vital help and support for individuals in all areas of the UK music industry. However, now that we’re back to normal – the coffee is still flowing, but now 100% of the profits go to musicsupport.org.
Anything we can do to alleviate the mental and physical stress of our fellow musicians and crew, we feel cannot be a bad thing. Along with a great cup of coffee to boot!

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